Company info/About us

E-Sonic Solutions. We are a professional business with expertise in speech communication systems and room acoustics. We specialise in the application and integration of the latest developments in the fields of PA/VA, Public Address en Voice Alarm systems.
We are a member of the Audio Engineering Society, a global organisation for training and research.
Who are you?
A/V Contractors, Main contractors, Sub contractors, Inspection agencies, governments and construction and restoration committees.
What can we do for you?
• Measurements and predictions to existing or new sound systems based upon 3d modelling with CATT and EASE/AURA.
• Training on sound measuring and reporting (including STI).
• Specification preparation, tender evaluation, permit application and installation supervision and delivery.
• Provide you with an informed second opinion.
• Dealerships on NTi-Audio XL line en Bedrock-Audio
This is a selection of our projects:
• Based on the results of an acoustics inspection and measurement of existing and required Speech intelligibility or STI, we designed a new Voice Alarm and Public Address system as part of a tender for the renovation of the Roermond Cathedral. (The visitor capacity exceeds 1000)
• Commissioned by the combination GTI and Imtech, we designed several PA/VA systems from 2004 onwards, for busy highways and bridges around the city of Rotterdam.
• A recent project was initial design of a Emergency Communication System for a 10 lane tunnel, near Utrecht, including system adjustment and STI measurement and reporting for final acceptance by the road authorities.

We provide the following course and workshop.
Course for technicians
Sound measuring and reporting at events
E-Sonic Solutions started for this training a collaboration with Möllenkramer training, long involved in measurements and regulations concerning sound and an expert in this field.
Current events are certainly included in the course, as well as Belgian legislation.
Topics that are covered include:
> The physiology of the ear, and hearing protection;
> Introduction to sound and noise measurement techniques, frequency and time weighting;
> Regulations, licensing and the ‘Earsafe’ (Oorveilig Convenant);
> Influence of audio system settings on loudness, including spectrum and dynamics, with audio examples;
> Opportunities to measure yourself and to draft a report.
We use an NTi Audio XL2 sound level meter and MeTrao logging system as an example; you can also bring your own systems.
The course covers one day and at the end you get a certificate.
There is room for specific questions during the course, for example about local regulations.
The course is designed for technicians and organisers who want to learn about handling regulations on sound levels at events.
The course is on request, depending on participants. The course is also available in-company and customised.

Please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form.

Workshop for technicians
Measurement and reporting of speech intelligibility or STI for alarm systems and PA systems

We have experience with measurements and calculations of speech intelligibility and the Speech Transmission Index (STI). The STI is widely used in areas where demands are made on the intelligibility of speech such as churches, auditoriums and large public areas such as tunnels and halls.
The use of measurement and calculation systems is discussed in this workshop. This workshop has provided for engineers and inspection companies for years, usually in combination with the purchase of a measurement system.
Would you like to attend a workshop or have it conducted at your location?
Please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form for this.